The Voice Of Vengeance

The Voice Of Vengeance

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This is my very first gig promoting a game for a young Maltese startup with an enterprising graphics team that also happen to be board game pioneers in the Maltese market, having gained success with the first of their board games Posthuman: A post-apocalyptic game in which you must fight for survival, which received rave reviews from the US games market.

Vengeance, the board game, has just been released to the delight of board game enthusiasts out there. The tone of the game and its characters reminds me somewhat of a Kill Bill or perhaps the Old Boy kind of plot, where the main characters have been subjected to a series of violence and are now ready to avenge their attackers at all costs.

Here’s the voiceover project I worked on for Mighty Boards, the awesome sister company of Mighty Box. This is the promo video for their new table top game Vengeance, where the axe forgets but the tree remembers, as stated on the box of the game:

The video, just like the game itself, had a dynamic and extremely talented team working on it. It also has an original soundtrack to it, which was pretty beautiful too, and I happen to be a huge lover and collector of Surf and Rockabilly.

We’re all excited about the release of this board game baby. You can check out the reviews for the board game on Vengeance, the game, all over You Tube and have a look at the Mighty Boards Facebook page.

Happy viewing and we look forward to working with you on your next animation!

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