Health Care

Health Care

Because the Medical and Healthcare sectors are one of the most vital industries today, software platforms help record, analyze and sort patient records to better the overall hospital system, helping it run smoother and more efficiently.

The following are just a few promotional software solutions videos I have done for 6PM, a Maltese company who build leading edge IT health solutions through innovative thinking and applied technology, and as stated on their website, several of 6PM’s leading-edge products have been developed in partnership with clinicians and NHS Trusts in the UK.

The first video promotes StrokePad, a comprehensive mobile tablet-based Electronic Patient Record. With StrokePad, clinicians can update the medical patient record at the bedside, therefore eliminating data errors immediately.

This next video promotes ConCERT-D, an electronic patient record designed specifically for the treatment of dementia patients, providing R&D Departments with the necessary tools to manage consent and easily identify eligible participants for clinical trials.

This video promotes Javali. Javali is a technology that significantly increases inpatient revenues through improved complication and comorbidity coding, one of its main benefits being that it accurately identifies CCs and MCCs leading to improved overall hospital ratings, including the mortality index.

See more on 6PM Solutions here.

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